Influence of religion on the society

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Influence of religion on the society

The emergence of religion as a concept of faith is linked to the origin of the first human communities, people in prehistoric times, and at a time when humanoids were unable to explain most of the natural phenomenon. Then they formed the beginnings of religion as a belief. Then people have this natural phenomenon later shaped the deities whom they attach great importance in the form of some primitive rituals and ceremonies. All this has led to the emergence of various polytheistic religions of which are still present, for example, Hinduism. How did human knowledge develop so people understand some of the phenomena that occur in their environment, they live and die? But some questions are always left open for discussion, such as the origin of mankind and everything that surrounds us and what happens after death. For these questions, the connectivity and the emergence of monotheism or belief in a single god, it is today the most current forms of religion.

science_and_religion_900x506Throughout the history of mankind, religion has enabled the industry to large masses of people, the creation of an incarnation of thought and spiritual peace. As man has his good and bad side also has a religion, depends only on the purpose for which it serves. The idea that is describing religion is that God cares for each of us. It is claimed that in the scriptures, provides us with comfort, food, and shelter. Serving God and believing in His goodness and will get fruits of life that are yet to come.

This belief is not shared by all religions, or in this or that form of religion exists in all known areas of human society influencing our perceptions and responses to the environment in which we move. So, religion is presented as a source of personal success and support, but often the cause of serious social struggles and conflicts. The study of religion is a challenging endeavor because it requires a very specific kind of sociological imagination. In the analysis of religious practice, we have to understand the meaning of many beliefs and rituals that exist in many cultures. We must be sensitive to the ideals that inspire deep belief of a  believer and at the same time looking at all of them with balanced and equal attention. We have to deal with ideas that require what is eternal but also with groups engaged in goals of this planet, such as finding financiers or the recruitment of future followers. It should have an insight into the diversity of religious beliefs, but also to penetrate into the very nature of religion as a universal phenomenon.

We respect the diversity of religious beliefs at Clift on Church because of its significance. The diversity of religious beliefs and the organization is so great that theorists face considerable difficulties in achieving an acceptable definition. In the west, most people equated religion with Christianity. It is the belief in a supreme being who commands us to act on this Earth on the moral way and promises an afterlife. Entire religions are still in this way cannot be explained or defined.

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