Why are people so dependent on religion?

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Why are people so dependent on religion?

From the beginning of the time, the history of humankind was determined with faith. People always believed in something greater than themselves, even though, the shape and application of the faith changed through time. Voltaire said: “if these isn’t a God, it should be made”. But, why is it like that, why is important for people to believe and why can’t we survive without faith?


Development of religion through time

RELIGIONESDIBUJOFrom the early ages people believed in something, we have the evidence in the form of divine statues, totems, and written sources. In the age of matriarchy people connected religion to woman body, fertility, and overall woman aspects. After this period, it comes the age when people start worshiping male deities, which resulted in the creation of new religions, like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam where the center of belief is a male figure. The impression of God changes through time; there are completely two figures of God in the Old and New Testimony. If stats from “eye for and eye” and ends with “turn the other cheek”.

In everyday society, we encounter each of these steps in relation towards God. In Christianity, we have the relation: slave, servant, and son. We can conclude from here that human’s relation towards God is actually how he treats other people.

Is the universal religion archetype?

When Carl Gustav Jung studied tribes that lived in different parts of the world and had no contact with civilization, he noticed that they showed the certain types of religion and faith in something greater. All that made him believe in universal archetype and human’s need to believe in God. So humans need to believe is deeply rooted in their core.

How do we know that we have healthy relation towards faith?

The-Religious-DivideIt is not an easy question. However, any of us has an internal reality and interpreters the world according to that. It means that two persons can have a different concept of faith. People are prone to explain messages according to their inner reality, and those explanations can sometimes be bent. That’s why there are different types of Divine relations, which mostly depend on the spiritual development of the man and his mental health.

We need to accept that we are part of the bigger whole

5913442-3x2-700x467This state can be disturbed with a fact on how we interpret the reality. If we know that we are mentally healthy, then our perception of reality is more correct. From this, we can conclude, that people who are healthy tend to diminish their egoism so that they could be harmonized with greater sense, other people and overall the world.  As we go down the ladder of mental and spiritual health, the human flaws and bad behavior is more acceptable to us, different types of manipulations, lies, lack of trust, hunger for money. It becomes normal to behave bad, just because everyone else is doing the same. Check out this Belgrade, Montana local business and discover more books and papers related to religion.

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